CV. Karya Brillian Nusantara

Welcome to CV. Karya Brillian Nusantara. We are a company that stood since 2011 engaged in industrial Medical Equipments, Other Healthcare Supply, . We were in Jl. Jatibening Raya No.09 Ruko Rosewoud Jatibening Bekasi Jawa Barat. Discover the variety of our best products (Alat Kesehatan, Produk Dak BKKBN, Alat Peraga PAUD) with quality and the best price you can get.

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Jl. Jatibening Raya No.09 Ruko Rosewoud Jatibening Bekasi Jawa Barat Bekasi
Bekasi , Indonesia

CV. Karya Brillian Nusantara

Cv Brilliant Work Archipelago Is A Manufacturer And Distributor Of Products Dak Bkkbn 2015 Once Supply Products 2015 Dak Bkkbn Such As: Kie Kit, Kit Implant, Iud Kit, Bkb Kit, Ape Kit, Means Plkb, Desktop Pc, Public Address, Dila Kb, And Mupen Kb
  In Addition, We Also Help The Participants In The Tender Meet The Tender Requirements Specified Completeness Auction Tender Committee As: Letter Of Support, Security Availability Of Goods, Guarantees Availability Expert, Security Sales, And Others.
  The Products Dak Bkkbn 2015 Are As Follows:
  - Obgyn Bed Bkkbn 2015
  - Kie Kit Bkkbn 2015
  - Implant Kit Bkkbn 2015
  - Iud Kit Bkkbn 2015
  - Means Plkb Bkkbn 2015
  - Mupen Kb Bkkbn 2015
  - Dila Kb Bkkbn 2015
  - Bkb Kit Bkkbn 2015
  - Ape Kit Bkkbn 2015
  - Desktop Pc Bkkbn 2015
  - Public Addres Bkkbn 2015
  Company Profile
  Cv. Brillian Works Nusantara Is A Company Engaged In The Business Scope Of Procurement Of Medical Equipment, The Special Allocation Fund (Dak), As Well As Printing, Which Stands In Recent Years. Considers That Developments In The Field Of Health Sector, Particularly In The Field Of Keluaraga Planning (Fp) Needs To Be Socialized For All Indonesian Citizens, Both Among The Upper And Lower Classes In Order To Create A Small Family, Happy, Prosperous And Quality. Therefore, To Organize Keluaraga Planning Program That Has Made The Government, Then Held A Program To Provide The Special Allocation Fund (Dak) Bkkbn.
  History With The Program So We Try To Establish A Company (Division) Which Can Provide Support And Download The Program A Success. We Founded This Company Named Cv. Brillian Works Archipelago. We Founded This Company Focused In The Field Of Product Provider Dak With Orientation To The Socialization Segment Of Government Programs.
  Vision And Mission
  The Vision And Mission Of The Company We Have Built Together, And Ready To Operasionalisasikan. Every Step, We Will Always Apply The Values That Also Have Our Joint Development.
  Our Values Are:
  Honestly, Both To Yourself And To Others.
  Fair: Represents The Value Of The Underlying Step Towards A Solution In Partnering
  Professionals: Which Contains Elements = Elements Of Competence, Responsibility Coorperateness, And Professional Ethics Are Interrelated And Can Not Be Separated.
  Smart Work Through The Development Of Personal Competences (Knowledge, Skills And Positive Attitude) And The Ability To Develop A Network With Stakeholders.
  Have A Sensitivity To The Environment, And Proactive Role In Accordance With The Competence Of The Company.
  Obey The Norms Of Religion, Morality, Decency, And The Law
  With These Values, We Have Confidence That We Will Be Able To Be A Reliable Partner For Our Customers. Together With Our Customers, We Build Teamwork To Produce Products That Meet The Needs Of Our Customers.
  We Listen, Understand, Accept Input, And Do Our Work Seriously So That We Can Satisfy Our Customers. Customer Satisfaction Is Very Important To Us, Because We Desire To Build A Sustainable Team With Our Customers.



Alat Kesehatan,Produk Dak BKKBN,Alat Peraga PAUD